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understanding islamist extremism clarion project - islamic extremism is driven by an interpretation of islam that believes that islamic law or sharia is an all encompassing religious political system since it is believed to be proscribed by allah arabic for god sharia must be enforced in the public sphere by a global islamic state, manufacturing islamic extremism countercurrents - the so called islamic extremism has become synonymous with the western definition of terrorism to conceal the west s ongoing war on islam and muslims it is invented and, islamic extremism alive and well on youtube while - lionel parrott liberty headlines extremist propaganda is still widely available on google owned youtube despite efforts by the company to crack down on this material this is according to a press release detailing a report from the counter extremism project cep a nonprofit that fights extremist groups particularly islamic extremists, egypt considers banning the burqa as part of its crackdown - egypt considers banning the burqa as part of its crackdown on islamic extremism nov 7 2018 8 22 am by christine douglass williams 14 comments a government bill prohibiting the veil is being pitched as an effort to fight terrorism, new report says islamic extremism spreading with defeat of - bishop edwin de la pena of marawi philippines directly linked the demise of islamic state in iraq and syria to attacks by extremists in mindanao in may 2017, one million chinese people move into muslim homes to - reportedly up to a million uighurs have been placed in governmental re education centers as an attempted shutdown of extremism of course such action is its own kind of extremism terrible extremism as stated by byler relatives were sent into muslim homes for a 7 day assessment in 2017, opinion new york s disastrous grant for organizations - alarmingly three of the grant recipients are linked to islamic extremism the council on american islamic relations cair the muslim american society mas and the islamic circle of north america icna worse it seems that icna in particular plans to use the money not for civic improvement but for religious proselytizing, jihadist extremism in the united states wikipedia - jihadist extremism in the united states or islamist extremism in the united states refers to islamic extremism occurring within the united states islamic extremism is adherence to a fundamentalist interpretation of islam see islamic fundamentalism potentially including the promotion of violence to achieve political goals see jihadism