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jungle comics and books page 1 of 2 comic book plus - although the comic book jungle has its male heroes such as thun da and kaanga it is a realm where women are the rulers tarzan excepted in 1937 a jungle queen debuted in the british magazine wags 1, jungle girls gallery www art4comics com - www art4comics com jungle girl art gallery welcome to my personal collection of comic art with a jungle girl theme i collect any and all orginal comic art with jungle girls and when i can t find any i commission my favorite artists to make some, sheena queen of the jungle wikipedia - sheena queen of the jungle is a fictional american comic book jungle girl heroine originally published primarily by fiction house she was the first female comic book character with her own title with her 1937 in great britain 1938 in the united states premiere preceding wonder woman 1 cover dated dec 1941 sheena inspired a wealth of similar comic book jungle queens, george of the jungle wikipedia - george of the jungle is an american animated television series produced by jay ward and bill scott who created the rocky and bullwinkle show the character george was inspired by the story of tarzan and a cartoon characterization of george eiferman mr america mr universe ifbb hall of famer drawn by a cook on his mine sweeper in the navy during world war ii, se updates wristrope adult fetish sex comics xxx bdsm - updates note the updates from march of 1996 january 2002 were not cataloged on this page but were added in the members section as of the end of july 2009 i will be adding double postings every week