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little critter i am helping little critter series - little critter i am helping little critter series mercer mayer on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers little critter is a good helper although not everything goes quite as planned whether he s watering the garden and sprinkling his mother, just a little critter collection little critter - my 19 year old son my nieces loved the mercer mayer books when they were little so when my niece discovered she was expecting with her son she immediately asked me to pass on my son s little critter books that are now in terrible condition, mercer mayer bibliography wikipedia - little monster is an anthropomorphic character created by mercer mayer he is a dinosaur like dragon little monster first appeared in the 1977 book little monster s word book but many characters in the little monster series were first introduced in the 1975 book one monster after another and the 1976 book professor wormbog in search for the zipperump a zoo, corinabeads lampwork beads by corina tettinger - one little note about my buy now button system paypal keeps track of inventory which means each frog can only be purchased once unfortunately the system has a major flaw until i manually remove the button after the item has sold you won t know whether something is still available until you actually click on the button