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missile guidance and pursuit kinematics dynamics and - the continuing evolving capability of guided weapons demands ever more knowledge of their development this modern and comprehensive book covers the control aspect of guidance of missiles torpedoes robots and even animal predators from the viewpoint of the pursuer, aerospaceweb org ask us missile control systems - can you please explain to me how a missile turns in flight i never see rudders on the fins or any small rockets on the side to push it any direction, classification of missile brahmos com - missiles are generally classified on the basis of their type launch mode range propulsion warhead and guidance systems type cruise missile, inventing accuracy a historical sociology of nuclear - inventing accuracy a historical sociology of nuclear missile guidance inside technology donald mackenzie on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers mackenzie has achieved a masterful synthesis of engrossing narrative imaginative concepts historical perspective, agm 88e advanced anti radiation guided missile navair - this is the web site for the naval air systems command, mk 99 missile fire control system tpub com - mk 99 missile fire control system the mk 99 mfcs controls the loading and arming of the selected weapon launches the weapon and provides terminal guidance for aaw anti air warfare missiles