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magazines national wildlife federation - the national wildlife federation brings nature to life in the pages of our publications inspiring people of all ages and reading levels to develop a deeper relationship with our natural world, california fall color dude autumn happens here too - armillaria mellea anderson 11 30 18 gabriel leete late november rain pushed up mushrooms across upper california this past week shasta cascade color spotter gabriel leete found these fungi near the sacramento river at anderson river park, upper saranac lake association - the purposes for which the association is organized are to preserve enhance and protect the quality of the waters of upper saranac lake the natural beauty and environment surrounding the lake the adjoining waters and the upper saranac lake watershed and adjacent lands and forests, english kings and queens timeline britroyals - 757 offa seizes the kingdom mercia after the murder of his cousin aethelbald 776 defeats the men of kent at otford 779 offa defeats cynewulf of wessex at bensington in oxfordshire 784 offa defeats the welsh around this time work on offa s dyke is started marking the border with wales 785, sightings our changing seasons - today november 29 i had an american kestrel turn up at my house in campbellford and was able to get a picture of it eating a vole donald munro on friday november 23 about 8 30 am a small flock of evening grosbeaks maybe 6 8 were flitting about one of the our feeders it s been at least 8 years since i ve seen these magnificent birds, netflix streaming 100 period dramas willow and thatch - marco polo 2014 set in the 13th century in the far east season 2 coming july 1 2016 in a world of greed betrayal sexual intrigue and rivalry marco polo is based on the famed explorer s adventures in kublai khan s court, birding news birdingnews via aba - aba s birding news pennsylvania pennsylvania bird news by date updated on december 8 2018 9 45 am want to easily find posts that mention aba rare birds choose a code below, maya in the news crystalinks home page - 1 500 year old maya altar reveals amazing secrets of the snake kings live science september 23 2018 archaeologists have discovered a nearly 1 500 year old carved stone altar in the ancient maya city of la corona deep in the jungles of northern guatemala, shocking list of global species die off shocking list of - source end times prophecy below is a list of worldwide mass animal deaths for 2015 with pages also for mass die offs from the previous 4 years there are animals dying all over the world today in huge numbers due to the polluted state of the sea and air, musings july december 2010 archive b bruner - a candle for christmas december 20 2010 musings posts items of historical interest from time to time this one is a book a book about what happens when a candle burns a book about chemistry premised on the observations of the candle, the anti reactionary faq slate star codex - edit 3 2014 i no longer endorse all the statements in this document i think many of the conclusions are still correct but especially section 1 is weaker than it should be and many reactionaries complain i am pigeonholing all of them as agreeing with michael anissimov which they do not this complaint seems reasonable, in our time bbc - melvyn bragg and guests discuss a foundation story for china as it was reshaped under mao zedong in october 1934 around ninety thousand soldiers of the red army broke out of a siege in jiangxi in the south east of the country hoping to find a place to regroup and rebuild