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rcbs case trimmer pilots cabela s - the case trimmer pilots designed with a taper to guide pilot into the case mouth and guides cutting blades to prevent deformation available from 17 caliber to 45 caliber pistol and rifle to 500 caliber, rcbs 90366 trim pro 2 kit with spring loaded shell holder - let me begin by saying i am a fan of rcbs i have been reloading for 2 3 years now so i know a decent amount about reloading at this point i had an old trimmer much like the lyman accutrimmer, downloadable instruction manuals rcbs - locate the product you are needing an instruction manual for in the links below click the pdf link for that product s manual follow your browser s steps to download or print the pdf manual, what equipment do i need to start reloading - a reloading scale measures in grains one grain is equal to 1 7000th of a pound the main purpose of a reloading scale is to weigh powder charges but it is also useful for checking a sample of any new bullets to verify proper weight, varmint al s mini lathe page - fine feed gear settings i checked in the mini lathe manual and i do not find the gear settings listed for the 256 tpi feed setting that is the finest feed possible with the stock gears and here are the settings, upcoming auctions dale s auctioneering - 5075 russcher road holland michigan 49423 1 269 751 8118 1 616 218 7391 click upcoming auctions near the top of the screen to find your next bargain