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shame and the captives a novel thomas keneally - keneally is especially good at rendering the small psychological adjustments made between people embarking on intimacy new york times book review if the legendary schindler s list was not enough to showcase thomas keneally s literary mastery then shame and the captives surely will it is clear from the start how thorough are keneally s research and cultural understanding and, napoleon s last island a novel hardcover amazon com - the bestselling author of schindler s list and the daughters of mars returns with a remarkable novel about the friendship between a quick witted young woman and one, schindler s ark wikipedia - schindler s ark released in america as schindler s list is a booker prize winning historical fiction novel published in 1982 by australian novelist thomas keneally which was later adapted into the highly successful movie schindler s list directed by steven spielberg the united states version of the book was called schindler s list from the beginning it was later reissued in commonwealth, schindler s list by thomas keneally paperback barnes - thomas keneally began his writing career in 1964 and has published thirty three novels since most recently crimes of the father napoleon s last island shame and the captives and the new york times bestselling the daughters of mars his novels include schindler s list which won the booker prize in 1982 the chant of jimmie blacksmith gossip from the forest and confederates all of, the chant of jimmie blacksmith wikipedia - the chant of jimmie blacksmith is a 1972 booker prize nominated novel by thomas keneally and a 1978 australian film of the same name directed by fred schepisi the novel is based on the life of bushranger jimmy governor the subject of an earlier book by frank clune