The Starman Omnibus Vol 2 -

amazon com the starman omnibus vol 2 9781401221959 - the classic super hero series starman starring a gen x super hero is re presented in high quality format the super heroic legacy of starman is renewed in these stories in which jack knight antiques collector and dealer inherits the name and powers of his father s old starman identity from his older brother who has been assassinated, amazon com the starman omnibus 1 9781401219376 james - james robinson is an acclaimed award winning writer whose works include starman and jsa the golden age he was co writer with matt wagner on sandman mystery theatre and with geoff johns he co wrote hawkman, complete 2018 dc omnibus absolute edition checklist - dc comics omnibus absolute comics collections golden age dc comics unlike marvel dc s golden age of comics isn t purely historical curiosity and truly kicks off the proper dcu and superhero comics in general, justice society of america wikipedia - in september 2005 jsa s popularity led to a spinoff series jsa classified which tells stories of the team at various points in its existence as well as spotlighting specific members in solo stories the first arc written by geoff johns with art by amanda conner featured power girl s origin the series was cancelled with issue 39 august 2008, categories cheap comics com - justice league of america single issues old justice league showcase justice society